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As Bryson shuffles from state to state, he seeks the key to the uniquely cool Australian character and finds it in Australia's tragicomic past, her genetic seeding of convicts, explorers, gold diggers, outlaws.This is a country of lads and mates, of boozy gamblers--nowadays mellowed by sunshine and sporting success. So it may not be quite as deliciously malicious as Bryson's The Lost Continent, nor as laugh-out-loud funny as Neither Here Nor There. A Bill Bryson on cruise control is better than most travel writers on turbodrive.

It is the driest, flattest, most desiccated, infertile and climatically aggressive of all the inhabited continents.

"Ich habe neulich gelesen, da, laut einer Gallup-Umfrage, 3,7 Millionen Amerikaner glauben, sie seien irgendwann einmal von Auerirdischen entfhrt worden.

Es war also klar, da mich mein Volk brauchte." Dieser humorvolle Ton belebt diesen Bericht ber Brysons Abschieds-Wandertour durch die Landschaft "dieser grnen und lieblichen Insel, die zwei Jahrzehnte lang meine Heimat gewesen war." Einem Drang folgend, der allen Menschen des amerikanischen Mittleren Westens gemein ist, seit es einen Mittleren Westen gibt, aus dem man fliehen kann, siedelte der Schriftsteller Bill Bryson 1973 von Iowa nach Grobritannien ber.

Detractors of Bryson's work complain all his booksare the same, yet dedicated followers cite that very uniformity of style and subject as the reason they return, book after book.

Anyone disappointed by A Walk in the Woods (Bryson's account of hiking the Appalachian Trail and not his best book) will have their faith restored by Notes from a Big Country--here Bryson returns to his favourite subject and the simple, journalistic prose that makes his wacky facts and observations instantly accessible.

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A word of warning: reading Bill Bryson is not aspectator sport..are invited-- in fact, compelled--to marvel at how the nation that "has the largest economy, the mostcomfortably off people, the best research facilities, many of the finest universities and think-tanks, and more Nobel Prize winners than the rest of the world put together" could be the same nation where "13 per cent of women cannot say whether they wear their tights under their knickers or over them.

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