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P^A14 Section by section The Awodatad Pret» Republicans sent tlie 2000 pres- idential race into the federal courts Saturday at the same time election officials in one of Florida's 67 counties laun^ed a laborious hand recount sought fay . The winner of the state stands to gain an electoral college majority and become the nation’s 43rd president The GOP suit cited a need to "preserve the ime^ity, equality, and finality” of the vote. 16 Opinion ..14^15 Section B Local 1-4 Obituaries ...2 ,toho/West.47 'Section C Sports ... Veterans Day ceremonies are celebrated the Uth hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, which marks the end of World War I at 11 a.m, Nov. The country commemorated the war|s end with Armistice Day but in 1954 rechristened Nov. ENTER- TAINMENT CENTER, cusiem made, solid oak, 72X52, 6.

Vice President A1 Gore.' "We’re all in limbo,” said George W. Former Secreta^ of Stale Janies A, Baker III, said that with a manual recount, “human error, in^vidual subjectivity, aitd decisions to, quote, 'determine the voters’ intent,’ dose quote, would replace prei MOn machinpfy in millions of small marks and frag- Please see BUSH. .1-8 Section D Money 1-3 Idaho/West 4-5 Classified .7-20 Section E Features . 11 as Veterans Day to honor Americans who have served in allwars. ************** DIABETICS Modicaro now poys for your supplies.

Most of the victims apparently managed to esc.i]e the burning car but - - - ^ .... smoke as they tried in ”1 SC6ri6 - A13 flee by running upward on narrow slaiis h-.iding out of the tunnel, said Manfred Mueller, the of cat techni- cal operations. Sdiausberger said of the dead in an Interview with state television. “But I have a right Co be in _bu.makc.a liv-— ing and support my family.” An extended moratorium Circulation Daniel Walock, circulat. could not bo reached for com* mem last week, although Grindscaff said he has ques* Honed the need for the moratori- um.

The few survivors among the 180 peo- ple on board apparently ran ilie opjxisiie way, evad- ing most of the smoke Ixting blown upward hy strong drafts pushing througli the tunnel. "Today is a day nf mourning," Rescuers were uiuihle to reach the car as the fire raged for hours, sending smoke spewing from the mouth of the tunnel below. u director Circulation phone lines arc open between 7 and 10 a.m. If you do not receive your paper by 7 a.m., call the number for your area: Burley-Rupen- Paul-Oak Jey. Eilers opposed past efforts to' establish a livcsto^ moratorium in Twin Falls County.

Page A2 Magic Valley Improvemanta: The Shoshone Falls Faric improvement pro- ject is sdiedided to get under way Monday. .5 Seniors 6 Twin Falls honors local veterans By Jennifer Sandmann Thne»Wewa writer TWIN FALLS - Veterans and active service men and women gathered in City Park with their families on a shivery morning Saturday for a Veterans Day ccr- _emoay.- . i A number of veterans assoda- I tions participated in a service that induded a color guard, gun salute and "taps." Former City Coundlman and World War n veteran Art Frantz recognized the sacrifices veter- ans made to preserve the free- doms Aoiericons enjoy today. 73 4-1934 p Iano • uigiial, Technics PX222; full size keyboard 3 yrs old and in oxc.

“Some of these guys were handsome when they were younger," De Crescente, a 73- year-old Navy veteran, joked one recent afternoon at Costanzo’s Riverside Lounge, where the 600-plus head-and- shouldcr snapshots have been on display since 19%, taking up — most of-one wa U-jusrinsidc'thc ' entrr'qce. 736-7074, WENDELL- DAIRY For HORSE ■ Booutiful - Kimboriv Rri n '0090 or option, Obt, 12 rogisiorod OH filly, 00.

The photos date to the dark- est days of World War H, when a tavern owner in Mcchonlcville, five miles north of here, began taking snapshots of servicemen who dropped by Ws place before heading overseas.

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J i-f I A 3y:y.ig* I • AND MOON'^j ''d Ufirl M today Sunsat tonight Mbenrtae loda) — Moonaol lon Ig M-.-. Tompomluros oro today's Northern Nevada: Cold woathor will contlnuo ocross northern Novado today wltth' sunshino mixing with a few clouds. A SI5.00 ctisrpe will be levied for ull returned clieckx. Mail xubicriptionx mu'l be paid in advance and »te available unly where delivery i* n«l maimiincd. “A lot of these poor guys are _gone _ now.” said Hawley- Waldron Sr.

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