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Because naloxone is more strongly attracted to the receptors than the opioids are, when it is given after an overdose, it displaces these drugs and reverses their effects. ) Opioid overdose kills by slowly stopping a person’s breathing, so typically there is time to intervene — and often there are other people around when a drug user overdoses.Even though most opioid overdoses involve mixtures of drugs, not just opioids, naloxone is effective even in these cases, and it is not harmful if given in error.

Bush and a professor of psychology at Harvard, said she believed naloxone should be made more widely available, but that she wasn’t currently convinced that expanded access should go as far as making the drug nonprescription.

With insurers and Medicaid unwilling to cover over-the-counter medications, and funding for naloxone programs currently extremely limited, how the drug would be paid for is also unclear.

Right now, only one manufacturer produces naloxone in the U. Not only is there currently a national shortage of the drug, its price has also risen dramatically.

(Updated) “Why didn’t I know about this when my child was alive?

” That was the question raised over and over at a U. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hearing on Thursday by parents whose families make up the terrible statistics on opioid overdose, which now kills some 15,000 Americans each year.

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Walley said that a study of a Massachusetts naloxone-distribution program compared outcomes in 19 cities and towns that had all experienced at least five or more overdose deaths per year, some of which had naloxone-distribution programs.

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