Dating someone whos in the closet dating fro married men

Dating someone whos in the closet

So basically he coerced us into a sexual situation with him so he wouldn't tell anyone what he had seen. One very hot Sunday, the priest, who was a widower, invited me back to the parsonage, where he seduced me. He called their product "the nectar of the gods." Truthfully, it was swill.

I won't say any more about any of the experiences since like I said, I'm sure Ill get crap and it's probably not that interesting anyway. We carried our affair after the weekly choir practice and after Sunday services throughout the next academic year. He lived in the Catholic center building of his city which was once a dormitory for prospective priests but which by then had fallen to the point where it was mostly empty.

The second Priest I had sex with was a result of the previous. It only happened once but we kept in touch online then he finally confessed (! My Priest felt incredibly guilty over this and blamed himself for putting me in that situation and he felt as though he had ruined my life. )The guilt was just too much for him though and I quickly figured out that there was no way to convince him that I was okay and that there was nothing to feel guilty about. He wanted me to know that he missed me and he was incredibly sorry for all that had happened and that not a day had passed where he didn't think about me. My longest relationship (a year and a half) was with a priest.

He was older, in his 40's and had caught us in the act. I could see that every time he'd see me, he'd just beat himself up over and over, so we stopped seeing one another. I could tell that he still has guilt over what happened. In college, I attended an Episcopal church in town. We parted over religious differences (I was an atheist) and he left me for a former altar boy. He "exuded sex" according to my gay friend who met him.

At one point he announced at his annual conference (or something to that effect) that he considering leaving the priesthood because he was in love. Picked one up at The Warehouse in Minneapolis, during a recreational trip (gay volleyball tournament) in the mid nineties. When I met him, I was surprised because I figured he would be a lot older. He was really nice and we had a great conversation that extended beyond talk about Catholicism (I wasn't raised Catholic so I didn't really know that much about it).

Because I had already gone back to graduate school and did not have daily contact any longer, it pretty much ended everything. The sex was great and I was offered an option to go hard-core leather (I declined). At the end of the interview, he said to keep in touch and that was that.

After we took off, the flight attendant set up an open bar, so we could help ourselves. I ended up having sex with at least 5 of them in the bathrooms at the bottom of the stairway and in our seats I saw one of the priests again while I was in Rome, and he joined me at my hotel.Turned out he worked in a community a 40 minute drive from my parents house so when I went to visit them we decide to meet up.I already knew he was going to be good looking based on his videos and Facebook pictures, but when we met up from the first time I was like damn! Tall, lean but muscular, amazing blue eyes, perfect teeth, and not to mention a nice backside he was 39 and I was 31.I helped him out and we both grabbed for the same corner of a desk, so our hands were sort of on top of each other. Every once in a while he would pop up on another sex site and shoot me a note and I would block him again. R65Unfortunately, after the incident with the second Priest, we didn't really keep in touch. The experience with the second Priest was sort of traumatic, more so for the first Priest than it was for me. S.w.australia give me there "blessings"years ago, i visisted a nearby church for a mass and there was this stunning gorgeous blonde haired young priest, and i thought then and now" how in the world can this guy be a priest and not have sex with a woman ever? i bet the old fart priests lusted after him big time whether at their own parish or whenever there was some big all city priest get together function..There was nervous laughter and ours eyes locked and I don't even remember who initiated it, but we started kissing. All we did was make out that first time, but over the course of weeks it progressed from kissing to touching, to grinding against each other naked, to oral, to full blown sex. I guess you could say it was a "relationship." We really did grow very close and cared a lot about another. The second Priest made both of us give him oral and he fucked both of us, but I took the "brunt" of it, I guess you could say. I tried to explain to him that I was okay with what had happened and because I cared about him so much, I would have done anything to help him so the other Priest didn't report it (I know, Mary! He said that he had seen me and over the years had read about some of the things that I had done. Having sex with my Priest wile he takes confession .. Am a married happly married woman but I take confession twice to three times a week its not because am a strick Catholic its just I have fallen madly in love with my Priest we meet up and u no am soo stuck I just found out am having a baby whos the farther I just dont no wat to do ???

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What about your run of the mill diocesan priest (aka "secular priests")? Although I identify as a lesbian, I very much fell in love with one of the priests. I cried and he looked at me like you're kidding right? I chose to talk to him about his church's position on gays instead. The first one seduced me when I volunteered at the church for a school project. I didn't know this about him until we'd been together for a while and I stumbled across some old pictures of him wearing a collar. I'm sure I'll get a lot crap here, but what the hell. I had a Religious studies course and had to do a project and I decided I would interview a Catholic Priest.

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